We specialise in bespoke LED lighting solutions for a wide client base. As part of our projects, we work with a huge variety of LED products to deliver a holistic solution for any lighting scheme and application. We design, manufacture, supply and install a wide range of LED lights including the following:

LED Downlights

Recessed mounted into the ceiling as main or accent lighting, usually round in shape, with decorative trim and a dimming option, we work with various downlight types that will fit into any interior design, including our Halo 7 - an app controlled dual LED downlight.

LED Spotlights

Surface mounted light with a narrow beam spread producing a bright spot, either with single, double, triple or quadruple spots, usually mounted on a mounting plate or a fixing bracket (a track lighting system can be used for a larger quantity of lights in commercial settings), ideal for directing light onto specific objects.

LED Floodlights

A high-intensity outdoor light with bigger beam angle and light spread over a larger area is used for illumination of outdoor events, stages, building sites, buildings, gardens, parks and landscape features in general. We use a variety of floodlights including our Lumier LED Solar Floodlight which runs on free and green solar energy.

LED Panel Lights

Very thin downlight of various sizes and shapes (usually square but can be round as well) installed recessed in ceilings (can be used on walls) in groups or patterns.

LED Sky Panels

A panel light with image of sky printed on the cover screen. We have a selection of sky templates to choose from or you can use your own design - and it doesn't have to be sky at all. When lit, the image will come to life with striking colours and attract attention in any room.

LED Batten Lights

LED battens are more stylish and efficient replacement for fluorescent tubes. Naturally directional, they deliver light exactly where needed. We work with a variety of lengths and wattages to suit any application, whether it is domestic, commercial or industrial

LED Tubes

An LED retrofit light that is used to replace traditional fluorescent tube lights and can be fitted into existing luminaire without the need to re-wire or to fit new lamp base.

LED Strip Lighting

Low voltage LED lighting with surface mounted LED chips in various wattage, brightness, IP rating and light colour options, usually on an adhesive backing. Provides endless possibilities for interior design creating stylish contemporary look in domestic or commercial applications.

LED Rope Lighting

LED light bulbs encapsulated in a PVC jacket with various width, flexibility, colour and voltage options are used as decorative lighting  in indoor and outdoor applications, available with chasing, dimming and flashing functions for added impact.

High Bay & Low Bay LED Lights

Robust LED luminairs which  provide strong and well distributed light for large areas in commercial and  industrial applications (factory, warehouse, retail, gym) with a selection of lamps, reflectors and lenses for different room sizes and ceiling heights.

Swimming Pool LED Lights

Swimming pool and spa underwater LED lighting in white light colour or a variety of bright and vivid colours with high luminosity to increase the ambiance of the pool, with dimming and retro-fit option. Due to their efficiency and longevity, these lights are greatly cutting down on the running cost and especially the cost of replacing the lamps when the whole pool has to be drained of water.

Solar LED Lights

Consisting of LED lamp, solar panel and a battery, these lights use free and green solar energy to power a back-up battery which then feeds the LED lamps. Ideal for outdoor installations to illuminate buildings, garden or landscape features, playgrounds, car parks, pathways or building sites.

Festive and Christmass LED Lights & Shapes

We work with a wide range of Christmas lighting products including string lights, icicle lights, light shapes, digital netting and screens, sign projectors and building mapping to provide a complex solution for any festive lighting scheme, whether it is in a town centre or a shopping centre.

LED Displays

Flat panel boards populated with LED pixels for a sign and video display, bright enough to be used outdoors in a direct sunlight, for entertainment, decorative or informative purposes as billboards, store signs or message signs.

LED Light Boxes

A container with a frosted glass panel illuminated from behind by LED strips with uniform light strength on the screen. They allow for a transparent graphic to be inserted or laid over for an easy change of design, waterproof types are available for outdoor use. Traditionally used for advertising, displays, signs, and in arts, medical and science field.

LED Illuminated Signs

Edge lit, back lit or internally lit signs are a great way to grab attention and advertise your brand. We can provide not only the lighting fixtures but also source and manufacture the actual signs and lettering through our partner company Chatsworth Signs.

LED Logo Projectors

High definition LED logo projectors, also known as ghost lights or shadow lights, provide clear photo-realistic image in static or rotating projection. Available for a wide distance range, with white, coloured or multicoloured gobos. We can also design and manufacture gobos with a customized image, perfect for advertising, business signs and festive decoration.

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